I'm Yuxiang Dai, currently a Software Developer at Amazon. I am a graduate of the University of Toronto where I majored in Robotics Engineering (Engineering Science). At UofT, I studied various topics including software development, machine learning, natural language processing, systems control, and computer vision. In software development, my main areas of expertise have been Full Stack Web Development and Mobile App Development.

In my free time, I enjoy watching various sports including the NBA, Formula One, and PGA Tour. I also used to actively participate in hackathons and engineering clubs as a student.


  • 2020


    software development engineer

  • 2019


    software engineering intern

    Web Apps for law enforcement
  • Indigo

    mobile developer intern

    Android & iOS Apps for E-commerce, 10K+ daily users
  • 2018


    full stack developer intern

    Web Apps for load testing & performance monitoring
  • 2017


    developer intern

    Web Apps for cloud architecture diagramming
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